Report a ringed bird

If you observe a ringed bird or bird ring, please fill out as many details as possible and submit. We will make sure the ring is reported to those concerned.

Required ring details

The ring number can contain letters.
The scheme can be found as a name or letter code on the ring. If the scheme is not in the list, please leave this as OTHER and add any extra details on the ring (e.g. scheme code or name) as notes.

Optional ring details

If you know the species, you can select it
Please use the notes field for as much additional information as possible.

Optional personal details

Your email-address will only be used to contact you for more details about the ring, and send you a report
To be able to see all the details of this ring in the future, please register. If you don't want to register, you'll still be able to see any public details of the bird.

Location details (date and location are required)

Please select location on the map